Microbial Health

Piglets are at greater risk of microbial health challenges around the time of weaning. Our products helped Piglets to reduce this risk.


Anti-Bacte® Solid (NC)
Anti-Bacte® for controlling harmful microbes in feedstuffs. Controls Salmonella and other harmful microbes in compound feeds and feed raw materials.
Progutba® Solid NC
Progutba® reduces the growth of harmful bacteria in the feed and improves the quality and shelf live.
Anti-Bacte® Liquid NC
Liquid preservative for controlling harmful microbes in feedstuffs.
Pro Aqua Advanced NC
Pro Aqua Advanced NC may prevent the growth of harmful bacteria (Salmonella and Campylobacter) in the gastro-intestinal tract.
Pro Aqua NC Solid
Pro Aqua NC is used to acidify drinking water in order to maintain good hygienic quality. The organic acids reduce water and stomach pH and inhibit the growth of pathogen microbes (bacteria and fungi).
Pro Aqua FLPCA® Liquid
Liquid acidifier for improving drinking water quality for poultry/pigs.
Pro Aqua MFCA®
is a synergistic blend of free and buffered organic acids combined with medium-chain fatty acids. The free acids make the product particularly effective in reducing pH of drinking water. It also supports digestion by reducing stomach pH more quickly after ingestion of feed. It may improve gut health and technical performance.
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