Anti-Bacte® Solid (NC)

Anti-Bacte® Solid (NC)

Anti-Bacte® Solid (NC) contains 100% active substances, acids and their calcium salts, which have a wide range of functionalities. Combination of formic-,citric-, and propionic acid and their calcium salts. The product is mainly applied for controlling microbes (bacteria) in feedstuffs. Indeed, at a lower pH, more of the calcium salts will turn into acids, such as formic- and propionic acid. Anti Bacte is produced with special technology with 100% active substance without a carrier. Calcium which is available here is organic with higher bio-availability and lower buffering capacity than the inorganic calcium from limestone..


  • Formic acid               45 %;

  • Citric acid                  15%,

  • Propionic Acid          11,5 %

  • Organic Calcium      22,8% (Digestable)

  • Appearance:              Powder / fine Granules

  • Color:                           White / Off-white


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Anti-Bacte® Solid (NC)
Anti-Bacte® Liquid NC

Liquid preservative for controlling harmful microbes in feedstuffs. Controls Salmonella and other harmful microbes in compound feeds and feed raw materials.
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Anti-Bacte® Liquid NC
Liquid preservative for controlling harmful microbes in feedstuffs.
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Pro Aqua NC (Non Corrosive)
Pro Aqua NC is used to acidify drinking water in order to maintain good hygienic quality. The organic acids reduce water and stomach pH and inhibit the growth of pathogen microbes (bacteria and fungi).
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SILICA+ is a biological resonance catalyst capable of enhancing the rate of various biochemical reactions, nutrient and ionic transport across the gut epithelial cell membrane by exciting the molecular water in the intestine with synchronized delivery of electromagnetic energy.
Methionine is an essential amino acid needed to maintain vital functions and optimal growth. Animal production at industrial level requires additional supplementation of Methionine in the diet. Methionine is essential for the absorption, transport and bioavailability of some essential minerals in the body, acting as a methyl donor to avoid the accumulation of excess of fat in the liver.
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